Shuta Hasunuma “unpeople 360° + 1 people #13”

時間:開場19:00 / 開演19:30 (21終演予定)
会場:cafe & shop BRICK弘前れんが倉庫美術館併設)
料金:4,000円+税 / 高校生以下無料(高校生は受付で学生証を提示してください)
協力:cafe & shop BRICK

unpeople 360° + 1 people #13 | 公演詳細

unpeople / 蓮沼執太

unpeople / 蓮沼執太

特別盤unpeople LPボックス

POSTでは「特別盤 unpeople LPボックス」を先行販売します。この機会に、展覧会といち早く届いたニューアルバムの音楽をあわせてお楽しみください。


Director / Videographer : Ryuichiro Imae

one window

Film Direction : ucnv



Communication では、蓮沼執太と縁のある人々にアルバムの感想をいただき、その感想に蓮沼自身が返事をしていくところです。不定期にこのコミュニケーションは更新されていきます。アルバムを聴くお楽しみのひとつになればと思います。

Audrey Fondecave (アーティスト)

Hi Shuta, sorry it did take longer than what I first said. I live next to a construction site, so I wanted to wait for their day off to have less noise pollution. I didn't read the titles, I just listened so I wouldn't be influenced by your words. Anyways the first words that came to my mind were: lunar, liquid, aery, no gravity, glitch, so by the end of the album I felt that INTERSTELLAR MEDIUM ( the space betweens the stars that are a composition of gas and neutrons are other particules) was the best way to describe it. A travel between stars with different elements, sometimes metallic, sometimes winds... Today I also went to POST, it was Shuta's day. And looking at the images I felt again that this idea of air.

“INTERSTELLAR MEDIUM” is the medium between the moon, the sun, the earth, and the planets. Whether that element is gas or dust, does it refer to something that exists between them? Something that exists between something and something that connects the two things. “unpeople” in the sense of the medium is also a new perspective.